Intershop Order Management 2.0

The Key to an Integrated Omni-Channel Commerce Strategy

Today’s consumers are increasingly adept at using multiple channels and technologies—it is they who now decide exactly when, where, and how they make a purchase. To meet these expectations, it is essential to amalgamate ordering processes across all available channels as part of a homogeneous yet flexible omni-channel solution.

Intershop’s order management system (OMS) enables fully integrated, omni-channel processing of incoming orders from many different sources.

Whether customers are shopping on a smartphone or in a brick-and-mortar store, you can always respond immediately to their individual needs—fulfilling the promise of a seamless experience across all available touchpoints.

Intershop Order Management

Solution brief

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Intershop Order Management


Enterprise Inventory Visibility

Aggregated and comprehensive view of all inventory information at all internal and external (partner) storage locations

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Omni-Channel Order Capture

Ability to receive and process orders from multiple channels (web store, mobile devices, call centers, marketplaces, kiosk applications, brick-and-mortar stores)

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Order Orchestration

Orchestration of all order processes over the entire lifecycle of an order; integration of order processes into company-specific procedures

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Order Routing and Fulfillment

Automation and optimization of order fulfillment across distributed storage locations; integration of offline stores into overall fulfillment strategy

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Invoice-to-Cash Management

Efficient processing of payments using modular invoice-to-cash functions for partially or fully automated approval, payment, and billing processes

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After Order Services

Omni-channel transparency for all order-related information as well as extensive notification and self-service options

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Return Management

Extensive functionality for omni-channel returns management, enabling seamless integration with the corporate omni-channel strategy

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