Support Portal

The Support Portal is available at It is used on the one hand to present information according to structures and services offered by Intershop Customer Support and on the other hand to take advantage of the direct and indirect technical support of the Intershop products.

Most content is accessible with a user account, extending the services with the possibilities an interactive portal is offering:

  • The Knowledge Base is a searchable database in which different document types of technical documentation are aggregated. These vary from traditional manuals to dynamic concepts and cookbooks to edited “How-to” articles, Video Tutorials and many more.
  • Within the Product Calendar, the general and custom specific technical and functional updates of Intershop Software and its 3rd Party components are administered and downloadable.
  • The Support Tickets area is used to document the contract related Support cases and adjoining statistics.
  • Finally, the user can look at its contract profile, which assorts master data, contacts and connections to other contracts. Additionally, there is an overview about the available Custom Fixes and Support Tickets.

Intershop Customer Support

Andy Stephan

Director Customer Support

Phone: +49 3641 50-1600