Intershop Commerce Suite is the world’s leading enterprise e-commerce solution for modeling sales processes to suit any business model or organizational structure. Using this single platform, you can showcase your brands, market your products worldwide, and implement the strategies that will grow your business. As we continue to develop the Intershop Commerce Suite, we’re inspired by the expectations of your customers and partners to create the perfect, seamless omni-channel shopping experience.

Intershop Commerce Suite: Commerce Management, Experience Management, Product Information Management, Order Management

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Intershop Commerce Suite is more than just an e-commerce system. It offers an all-in-one package comprising Product Information Management (PIM), Web Content Management (WCM), Order Management (OMS), and personalized customer communications. In addition, Intershop Commerce Suite meets the very particular requirements of B2B commerce.

Modules overview Areas of application

A choice of deployment models

Available as a fast-access cloud solution with optional full-service add-ons, as a dynamic managed service model for easy scalability, or an on-premise license for maximum independence, Intershop Commerce Suite is a cost-efficient e-commerce solution that is perfectly tailored to your current needs yet flexible enough to grow with your business.

Deployment models