From insights to action: Empowering your B2B e-commerce with digital buyer convenience


Are you prepared to steer your B2B e-commerce towards remarkable achievements? Immerse yourself in the realm of digital shopping ease by joining our forthcoming webinar with Copperberg.

AI, data, and technology is the key to staying ahead

Our webinar explores the impact of digital convenience on B2B transactions, including performance analytics, streamlining the buyer's journey, and increasing customer lifetime value.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Key findings from the recent Intershop & Copperberg survey that reveal the extensive benefits of digital convenience for buyers.
  • Expert advice on strategy formulation, operational improvements, adopting new technologies, and leveraging AI to enhance buyer interactions.
  • Insight into global trends and partnerships that are transforming the B2B purchasing experience.
  • Effective tactics for adopting digital innovations to improve customer convenience.
  • The importance of creating impactful customer experiences and their influence on building loyalty.
  • Strategies for revolutionizing your B2B digital commerce to foster customer loyalty and achieve extraordinary growth.

Join us to explore the latest advancements and tactics that are redefining B2B e-commerce. Elevate your business with strategies that foster a continuous and engaging buying experience, ensuring your customers remain loyal for the long term.

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Tanja Tschech Digital and Transformation Manager, Röhm GmbH Member of B2B Frontrunners
Jonas Åkermark Digital Business Director, Husqvarna Construction
Gerrit Enthoven
Gerrit Enthoven Executive Vice President Sales, Channels & Marketing, Intershop
Lisa Hellqvist Managing Director, Copperberg

Let’s embark on this journey together towards unparalleled growth and success!

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