Are you ready for customized manufacturing? Customers are.

Are you ready for customized manufacturing? Customers are.

Need new glasses don’t feel like wasting time at the mall or your local optician? Customers of Mr. Spex, an eyecare retailer, save time by shopping at for their customized eyeglasses.

The process starts with a blank slate. You choose from one of 3,000 frames. Then comes the fun part. You can upload a photo of yourself or, using your webcam, try your glasses on “live.” Once you’ve found one you’re happy with, you upload your prescription, decide what type of lenses you want – standard or thin, varifocals—and your glasses will be manufactured and mailed on their way.  

As a brand manufacturer selling to businesses, you might wonder if this type of customized experience will ever come to your factory floor. The answer is yes. While your B2B customers may not be making eyeglasses, chances are they understand the business benefit of customization as well as the benefits of ecommerce, and will be looking for both -- if they haven’t already. And if they haven’t it’s a safe bet they soon will and from a manufacturer that can offer both.

Numbers don’t lie

The digitization of commerce that gives people the ability to design and buy customized eyewear or create a quote request for a machine online and automatically send it to a salesperson for follow up is changing the way we all do business. Take a look at the statistics. According to Intershop’s 2016 Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce report, 44% of respondents reported that digitalization helps them get new products to market faster, while 43% say they are selling to customers that would not buy from them before. Even more striking: 42% of B2B revenue is now generated online.

It’s no wonder. Customers – whether B2B or B2C – want fast, customized service. They want to order from you from multiple geographies and in different currencies. Most important, they want a superior customer experience across all channels.

Since no two customers are the same, this puts the onus on you, the manufacturer, to give them what they want when they want it. How do you achieve this? You can’t do it alone. It takes partnering with an innovative, knowledgeable partner; an ecommerce provider that can sit down with you and understand your goals and objectives as well as your customers’ goals and objectives. The ecommerce solution you choose should be able to integrate with your ERP, marketing and analytics offerings so you can provide an end-to-end customer experience. Finally, as Forrester Research pointed out in its December 20, 2016 research, Organize and Staff for B2B Digital Transformation, which is part of The B2B eCommerce Playbook For 2016, you need to get the right staffers on board and get them trained to work with your ecommerce platform.

When all of these things come into focus, you can deliver a B2C-like ecommerce experience, customizing your offerings and delighting customers because they, like customers, can clearly see what matters!

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