Increasing concentration in the trade sector and the digitalization of consumption processes is presenting ever greater challenges to both bricks-and-mortar retailing and manufacturers of consumer goods. Normal purchasing in the trade sector has been increasingly offered by online suppliers such as Amazon and eBay. Digitalization in combination with IoT is making increasing demands on company budgets, thereby influencing day-to-day decision-making. Sales and marketing divisions must therefore adapt their processes to these changes. With the traditional sales channels facing ever greater competition from new sales channels, promotional measures and specific customer approaches have become part of everyday marketing. Modern sales increasingly act in an advisory capacity and drive activities that increase customer loyalty. ORBIS ConsumerONE is a CRM solution for the consumer goods industry and commerce. It supports all levels of customer relations between trade, wholesale and manufacturers in a central information system. The solution integrates business processes across company, divisional and system boundaries. ORBIS ConsumerONE addresses the development of markets (shelf availability, product range monitoring, product launches, etc.), the support of shop systems (attracting new customers in B2C) as well as the complex mapping of upstream and downstream condition management structures.

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ORBIS is an international business consulting company. ORBIS advises and supports international corporations and medium-sized companies - from IT strategy and system selection through the optimization of business processes to system implementation and integration. ORBIS relies on the solutions of the market leaders SAP and Microsoft, with whom we have a close partnership.

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