Mirakl B2C Marketplace Platform

Using the Mirakl solution, both B2B and B2C companies can offer more, sell more and learn more. The Mirakl Marketplace platform is a turnkey solution that is easy to integrate.

Marketplaces grow assortment at a scale dropshipping alone cannot match and deliver additional customer data to better feed personalization engines and omni-channel strategies.


  • Deliver the customer experience today’s shoppers demand by quickly and easily extending assortment through trusted third-party sellers
  • Grow top-line revenue by acquiring and keeping new customers – Improve SEO and site traffic while preventing missed sales
  • More opportunities for omni-channel interactions, more assortment without overhead
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Mirakl’s ambition is to be the catalyst of a marketplace revolution that will transform the traditional e-commerce landscape. In five years, the company has already been able to share its vision with customers in 4 different continents and 40 countries. Mirakl has opened subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States as it grows its staff of over 130 people. As the world leader of SaaS Marketplace solutions, Mirakl continuously harbors innovation in order to meet growing market expectations.
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