LOOP54 Product Search Engine

LOOP54 provides an intelligent product search engine that finds results according to relevance, popularity and the user's personal preferences.

In 2021, Loop54 was acquired by FACT-Finder, making it one of the first major consolidations of leading eCommerce SaaS solutions in search, merch and personalization.

Loop54 is a search software-as-a-service (SaaS) used by Ecommerce and Marketing Managers to increase sales and conversion rates by improving the site-search Customer Experience (CX). Unlike traditional search software, which lack the algorithmic sophistication required for true search relevance and often demand significant human intervention to function, Loop54 automates search management and maintenance, is easy-to-integrate and provides unprecedented relevance through Deep Learning. Characterised by unparalleled search relevance, personalization and automation, Loop54 can be implemented within days via a REST API. Don't hesitate to reach out for a custom demo to see real search relevance in action.


  • Deep-learning
  • Automated relevance
  • Personalization out of the box
  • Easy to integrate, built for enterprise customers
  • Language agnostic
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Omikron is: Data Quality, FACT-Finder and FACT-Finder Travel.Our work revolves around clean data, and how to achieve it - irrespective of errors and independent of spoken language. We provide success for companies ranging from the production industry, eCommerce, on to online travel. We have grown from a staff of 10 in 2001, to more than 95 today - and we are expanding further. Our technology is already used with great success in 24 countries; in 8 of which we have offices, such as London, Paris, Milan, Warsaw and Istanbul. Omikron is a globally operating software company devoted to the development of outstanding technology. Research and development is carried out at our headquarters in Pforzheim, Germany, and the best possible service is provided through our local branches: “Think Global, Act Local” is our motto!
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