ICM-400: Intershop Commerce Platform– Progressive Web App


In this training you will learn technologies and concepts which enable you to develop a modern and state-of-the-art web frontend. This frontend uses REST-calls as data stream and uses Angular for an adequate rendering. This training will cover some of the fundamental Angular basics but most important their usage in conjunction with the Intershop Commerce Management to demonstrate the capabilities of a REST-based Storefront. The practical tasks are meant to demonstrate the customization of exactly this frontend.


  • Development Environment Basics - Angular / TypeScript / PWA
  • General customization aspects / Deployment scenarios, the usage of Schematics and Extensions
  • test-driven development (jest test cases)
  • warehouse use case: Models, Interfaces, Mappers, Services, Facades, State Management
  • simple stock use case: Model, Service, Facade
  • advanced stocks use case: self paced sample implementation
  • Usage of Themes, Styles, Overriding, Images
  • Localization, Usage of  Guards, CMS-Integration
  • Usage of Forms for validating input
  • Multisite and Server Side Rendering
  • How to deploy the application via Docker and Azure


  • Frontend Developer


  • Pre-requisites:
    • Basic knowledge of Angular
    • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
    • Basic knowledge of CSS
    • REST
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Practical exercises: 70%
  • Software / tools: ICM / VS Code / exercise files

Course Description (PDF)

Schedule for Intershop Commerce Management - Progressive Web App (ICM-400)

2024-07-033 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 2400Register
2024-08-213 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 2400Register
2024-10-163 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 2400Register
2024-12-113 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 2400Register

Insights from our course participants

"The ‘Intershop Commerce Platform-Progressive Web App’ course was extremely motivating and practice-orientated. The trainer emphasised hands-on participation, which helped me to develop a deeper understanding. Highly recommended for all Intershop frontend developers."

Bernd M. Frontend developer

"In the 2 days of PWA training, I was able to expand my Angular knowledge significantly. This helps me modify the open source PWA to fit our specific use case. Also, I can now better help the junior developers in our team with their questions."

Marco E. Web developer

"I found the PWA training very interesting. The Intershop PWA project is easy to access and well documented."

Julien L. Research & Development Engineer

"The training was very informative, thank you very much. I enjoyed the combination of theoretical classes and practical exercises."

Antony J. Project manager / Scrum master
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