ICM-116: Intershop Commerce Platform– System Administration

In this 4-day training, you will get hands-on practice installing, configuring and administering our commerce platform on top of a pre-installed Oracle database server. Furthermore operational application management is also covered as a discussion.

Course description

Schedule for Intershop 7 - System Administration (ICM-116)

2021-12-074 daysOnline Training (Germany)EnglishEuro 2400Register
2022-02-084 daysJena (Germany)EnglishEuro 2400Register
2022-03-294 daysJena (Germany)DeutschEuro 2400Register
2022-05-314 daysJena (Germany)DeutschEuro 2400Register
2022-08-024 daysJena (Germany)EnglishEuro 2400Register
2022-09-274 daysJena (Germany)DeutschEuro 2400Register
2022-12-064 daysJena (Germany)EnglishEuro 2400Register

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