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Leading healthcare manufacturer replatforms to a modern, composable commerce architecture anchored by Intershop.

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Headquartered in North America, our customer is a global healthcare leader in clinical diagnostics and scientific research instruments. The company's diagnostics solutions can be found in hospitals, laboratories, and physician offices worldwide. Recognizing the shift toward online research and purchasing, the company decided to replatform off of their outdated, difficult-to-use online store and seek a solution that offered immediate time to value (TTV) and integrated seamlessly with their existing tech stack and the specific needs of the medical sector. After a careful evaluation, our customer found the perfect solution: Intershop's composable commerce platform, a composable CMS, and a progressive web application-based storefront to drive the user journey.


Headquartered in North America, our customer is focused on creating the most efficient laboratories worldwide. With annual revenues surpassing $3B, our customer's products are utilized in clinical research and a variety of applied industries.

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in which the company conducts business, with an additional 115 sales channels across different territories and governments.

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dollar earned in online revenue in just four months.

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composable content & commerce solutions separating backend processes from a modern front end user experience allowing for maximum flexibility.

The challenge
  • To meet the demands of an evolving customer base, handling traffic peaks, innovate and expand, the company sought to retire their rigid former e-commerce solution.
  • Composable commerce: The customer had already invested in a composable Content Management System (CMS) and opted for the flexibility of a 'headless' commerce approach to retain familiarity in the creation and management of the user experience.
  • The company wanted to provide an accessible and modern B2B user experience for its customers and allow them the self-service capabilities they need.
  • The customer needed to overcome internal obstacles existing between siloed business units, each running a different e-commerce stack.
The result
  • The company implemented Intershop Commerce Management for a modern, agile solution that provides leading-class digital commerce features
  • Seamless integration of a composable CMS gave the customer maximum usability and enabled a true 'headless' experience.
  • Modern front-end frameworks were used to create a progressive web application that enables customers to interact with the brand.
  • Working closely in a tight partnership with experts at Intershop and Slalom Consulting ensured a smooth systems integration and successful adoption.
  • A comprehensive and flexible solution was leveraged by all business units, thereby reducing licensing and operating costs and ensuring common systems and data across various areas.
"Projects that include multi-vendor and multi-system integrations require strong program management, close collaboration on inter-team dependencies, and top talent to deliver a complex, headless-based e-commerce solution. This cross-functional collaboration was essential in the rapid prototyping of the user experience and interface, the definition of technical integrations, the alignment of project milestones, and ultimately delivering the project on time and within budget."
Octavio Perales VP of Professional Services & Partnerships
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