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End-to-End customer lifecycle management

Intershop Cloud Commerce & Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Data entry into the CRM system is time consuming for your sales? Your sales rarely has contact to the decision makers within prospective customers? There is bound to be frustration. What if you could enable your salesforce to generate qualified leads, to know who the right contacts are at prospective customers in order to close the deal. Leveraging the possibilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales your sales people get to know their contacts, discover who they are as people, what they want and what they need. A great motivation for sales.

In our white paper we provide a general overview of the features in Dynamics 365. We also take a broader look at:

  • why the cumulative power of marketing, sales, and service is business-critical,
  • what synergies are created by combining Intershop and Microsoft Dynamics 365,
  • which interfaces make these synergies possible.

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