Coveo Relevance Cloud™

The software-as-a-Service company Coveo provides information relevant to its customers, employees and partners. Coveo delivers unified, relevant, and valuable experiences using data and AI across websites, e-commerce, service, and the workplace.

Coveo Relevance Cloud™ is a cloud native platform providing search, recommendation, and personalization to power intelligent shopping & buying experiences.

Coveo Relevance Cloud™ unifies data from any source and learns from every interaction across channels to tailor experiences that increase conversion & average order value, lower costs to serve, and drive customer satisfaction.

Coveo Relevance Cloud™ also arms merchandisers with the automation and insight needed to reduce manual effort and optimize shopping experiences that bring the most value to the business. Simply stated Coveo Relevance Cloud™ provides AI on-tap for every part of the ecommerce journey. Our Mantra: If your products are not findable, they are not for sale!

eCommerce Capability Highlights:

  • AI-powered search to help shoppers find what they need faster
  • Intelligent Query Suggestions to improve catalog discoverability
  • Dynamic Navigation to optimize browsing experiences
  • Fast Personalization to show relevant products quickly even for anonymous shoppers
  • Recommendation Models to maximize the value of each shopping cart
  • Intelligent Merchandising to optimize for the business
  • Search Analytics to gain insight into the entire shopper journey and track revenue attribution

B2B Capability Highlights:

  • Unified Index & Interaction data to deliver a seamless journey across purchasing & support
  • Entitlement Management to respect product restrictions for each customer
  • Catalog Search Optimization to ensure every product is findable
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Coveo is a team of over 550 people dedicated to helping our customers thrive as data and AI shape the experience economy.

We’ve grown from our enterprise search roots established in 2005 evolving into what we are today; industry’s most advanced search & experience intelligence platform. Recognized by many industry analysts as a leader, our native cloud platform delivers unified, relevant and valuable experiences using Data and AI across websites, ecommerce, service and the workplace.

Over 40% of our staff is composed of R&D and data scientists driving our AI platform innovation and we have over 150 certified SI partners with +1500 customer deployments across multiple use cases at many leading and recognizable brands in the market today.

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