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The second largest telecommunications company in Croatia increases online sales figures and customer satisfaction with Intershop.

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A1 Croatia revolutionizes its online presence with the Intershop Commerce Platform: Improved customer experience, increased sales and optimized operational efficiency through innovative technologies and a strategic, phased rollout. A milestone in the digital transformation of the telecommunications industry.

A1 Croatia is the second-largest telecommunications company in Croatia, providing comprehensive telecommunication services including mobile plans, broadband fiber connections, and sales of mobile devices. Additionally, they offer various digital services to cater to the evolving needs of their customers such as screen insurance, travel insurance, and options for safer surfing. A1 Croatia targets a broad customer base, ranging from individual consumers to large enterprises, encompassing all age groups and demographics.

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Increased conversion through personalized pricing in the webshop product pages

The challenge
  • Effective presentation and management of complex tariff structures and promotional offers online: A1 Croatia faced challenges in clearly and accessibly presenting complex postpaid pricing structures and promotional offers online, which impacted the user experience.
  • Improving user experience on the online platform: The goal was to enhance navigation, understanding, and selection of various services on the platform.
  • Increasing online sales and customer satisfaction: A1 Croatia aimed to optimize the online purchasing process to boost sales conversions and enhance customer satisfaction.
The result
  • Implementation of the Intershop Commerce Platform: By choosing Intershop, A1 Croatia was able to utilize a platform that was specifically tailored to their needs and offered innovative solutions to enhance their online presentation and management.
  • Integration of CRM systems and personalized marketing modules: These integrations helped improve customer interactions and optimize the user experience through personalized offers and more efficient customer communication.
  • Phased rollout and continuous improvements: The implementation process included a thorough analysis of existing processes, customized development, rigorous testing, and a phased rollout to enhance services with minimal disruption.
"By implementing the Intershop Commerce Platform, we found a tailored solution that allowed us to effectively design and manage our online presence. This has not only increased our sales conversions but also significantly improved customer satisfaction."
Tajana Buković Portal and Webshop Expert at A1 Croatia
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