ICM-550: Intershop Commerce Platform – Developer Training


The course is aimed at learning how to extend and customize Intershop Commerce Management. Firstly, you will learn how to add programmatic resources to an ICM project via Cartridges and Application Types. You will get familiar with basic concepts on accssing and provisioning of data via POs, BOs and REST services. You will learn how to use and display data in the backoffice via the usage and creation of pipelets, pipelines, webforms and queries. Code execution is controlled via the ICM extension framework.
We will turn our attention to storefront enhancement. You will become familiar with the modelling of pages, page includes , slots and components and how data is gathered through the Progressive Web App.
The courses focuses heavily on modern software development paradigms, prefers the use of extension mechanisms and the use of the Managed Service framework to ensures migratability. In an optional section we offer the demonstration of a wide range of advanced features like basket re-calculation, dynamic customer segmentation, microservice development or widget programming.


  • ICM project development
  • ICM Cartridges, Applicationen und Applications Types
  • Modelling of PersistentObjects to store data in the database
  • DBInit and database preparation
  • Modelling and implementation of ICM BusinessObjects and REST Services
  • Pipelet and Pipeline Development, testing
  • Query Framework, Managed Services Framework
  • Authorization, Localization, CMS
  • Extension Framework, optional tasks, advanced features


  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers


  • Pre-requisites:
    • Basic knowledge of Java
    • Basic knowledge of WebServices
    • Basic knowledge of REST
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Practical exercises: 75%
  • Software / Tools: ICM / PWA / VS Code / Exercise files

Schedule for Intershop 7 - Developer Training (ICM-550)

2024-03-045 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-04-155 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-05-275 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-07-085 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-08-265 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-10-215 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register
2024-12-165 daysVirtual Classroom (Germany)English€ 4000Register

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