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Tweakwise is the most comprehensive suite for personalized site search, merchandising, and recommendations in e-commerce. With Tweakwise, over 300 e-commerce clients have achieved an increase in conversion of over 15%. Our innovative suite of SaaS solutions empowers our clients by giving them control over crucial aspects of their webshops.
Tweakwise adds to the standard Intershop search functionality with features like algorithms, business, and merchandising rules, dynamic redirects, and search banners. You can also manage the filtering of your instant search results.   Not only does Tweakwise offer exceptional search capabilities, but we also enable a full range of shop-wide merchandising features specifically on Intershop. We can seamlessly integrate on all listing pages in your shop. To curate the ultimate user experience, you simply choose which filters and sorting options you want to offer in each category. That includes features like visual merchandising, sorting rules, and templates.   Intershop’s open API architecture enables Tweakwise to easily integrate and enrich the search and merchandising possibilities of your webstore. Together with Intershop, we have already partnered successfully for clients like Kruitbosch, Hoogvliet, PLUS, and Plato Group.
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Tweakwise is a solution built for growth, by a company that believes in growing together. In the past couple of years, we saw the need arise to solve complexities in e-commerce with a user-friendly tool. A self-learning system that keeps shop managers in charge and allows for overruling.
Shaping the e-commerce landscape one shop at a time. Optimizing the search, filtering, sorting, and recommendations and allowing for powerful personalization of all the aspects is Tweakwise’s mission.   Our specialists all work together to create the best solutions for you to reach your goals for conversion, turnover, and customer satisfaction. Our machinery works day and night in the background to make your shop excel and stand out from the crowd. Your shop managers and other day-to-day operational staff can always access our user-friendly software without the need for development effort.
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