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With rooom's productCloud, you have the chance to present your products online more vividly than ever before. Let your customers experience products from all angles in 3D and bring colors, surface structures and product details to life. Use existing 3D data or generate your 3D products simply with rooom using photos, videos or our 3D scan app.
With the rooom 3D Product Viewer you can easily and seamlessly integrate impressive 3D models of your products into your shop or website. With the interactive 3D views you can replace expensive product photos and offer your customers a realistic product experience. With a single click, your customers can even project the 3D products in augmented reality (AR) right next to them.
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We are a dynamic, creative and fast-growing tech start-up. The triple "o" in the name rooom stands for the three dimensions. Our brand stands for innovation and future orientation. With our web-based all-in-one platform for virtual experiences, we want to set new standards for digitalization. Our mission is to make 3D technology accessible to everyone. This is also reflected in our slogan: The future is 3D!
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