With Attraqt you create exceptional shopping experiences via AI-supported search as well as merchandising and personalization solutions. Orchestrate the entire customer journey from initial contact and product discovery to decision making and repurchase.

Relevancy is now the primary currency for brands. That’s why you need a product discovery platform that provides relevant content experiences every time.

By delivering fast and highly relevant intelligent search results you compel shoppers to buy. You can also now capitalise on every commercial opportunity by eradicating zero search results, offering relevant substitutes to out-of-stock products and automatically correcting errors.

Our AI-powered search predicts intent by matching real-time onsite behaviour with shopper traits and the product catalogue. We leverage advanced, self-learning artificial intelligence and machine learning models, to drive relevance, increase average order value (AOV) and customer engagement.

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Attraqt Group plc provides SaaS solutions that power exceptional online shopping experiences for the world’s leading brands and retailers. Orchestrate shopper moments from awareness to discovery, inspiration to decision-making and re-engagement with AI-driven search, merchandising and personalization solutions. With easy-to-use interfaces and powerful data management, retailers can combine smart automation with creative control to achieve outstanding commercial results. It’s based on two companies Locayta and Fredhopper. In 2017, these two companies came together to bring structure, scale and the ability to use smart data in order to enable the world’s leading brands and retailers to optimize their ecommerce performance.
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