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diva-e is Germany’s leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP). We create digital experiences that engage your customers and achieve sustained success for your business.

We understand the challenges facing companies today and in the future. New technologies are forever spawning new markets and revolutionising the economy. At lightning speed. With more than 20 years’ experience in digital business, diva-e is the innovation partner for leading companies and love brands.

Transactional: We’re not waiting for your digital future. We’re tackling it together: Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. The success of your business depends on positive transactions with your customers. That's why we create experiences that will help you attract, engage and retain customers – and, almost immediately, deliver noticeably more revenue, competitive advantage and successful transactions.

Experience: Energise your brand – energise your customers. We know how to inspire your customers through personalised experiences; driven by both data and creativity, measured by more transactions and an increasing number of loyal customers. We turn interactions with your company into an experience – and your customers will love it.

Partner: We are go-getters with entrepreneurial spirit and passionate digital experts. We know the market and the latest technologies. We work with the world’s leading technology partners. Together with the best players in their field we set new digital standards. Daily.But above all, we know and understand our customers. We focus on your requirements. No matter how long your digital adventure is, we are by your side. Together, we succeed and create great things; improved customer experiences, increased transactions and sustainable growth for your business.

Planning & Innovation

We identify the right technology and marketing mix to strengthen your competitiveness in the dynamic digital world.

Platforms & Experiences

We create unique user experiences and develop innovative platforms that accelerate your growth.

Growth & Performance

We develop sustainable strategies and implement campaigns that take you higher and higher and bring you close to your customers.

Data & Intelligence

We analyse and use data to optimize your customer approach, personalize experiences and increase transactions

  • Germany’s leading Transactional Experience Partner
  • Over 20 years’ digital business experience and innovative power
  • 14 locations, 800 digital experts
  • Countless digital experiences for top brands and businesses
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