E-food: ordering groceries online

While clothing and books are still the most common
online purchases, the e-food sector offers enormous potential
for full-range players, specialty retailers, and food manufacturers.

e-food e-commerce software for factory

Your Benefits

01 The perfectly integrated online supermarket

Rapid delivery is particularly important for fresh and frozen food products. To achieve the essential speed, you need seamless integration with your logistics partner’s systems—which is easy to do with Intershop.

02 Order online, pick-up in person

Many customers use click-and-collect when buying groceries online. With Intershop, you can merge your online presence and offline stores to create a richer shopping experience.

03 Using recommendations with e-food

Make the most of your online supermarket with cross- and up-selling options, e.g. product recommendations.

B2C or B2B: e-food is the future

Your refrigerator is empty and you have no time to shop on the weekend? The ability to buy food online and have it delivered to your door is a desired convenience for many people. In the food wholesale sector, vendors have been digitizing their order processes for some time. The decisive factor in B2B e-commerce is getting access to consistent product data across all available channels. With Intershop’s extensive out-of-the-box functionality, it’s easy to integrate your existing ERP system.

Integrate every available touchpoint

Mobile, chat, voice, or B2B platform: it’s essential to connect with all your customers through all possible channels. With Intershop, you can integrate every available touchpoint.

Integrated Solr search

Time is money: let customers browse your entire range in seconds with the integrated Solr search instead of roaming the aisles or leafing through long lists.

Implement cross- and up-selling

Product recommendations are a key advantage in online food retailing. With Intershop, you can implement cross- and up-selling options as well as smart personalization through simple integration.

Added-value content

Added-value content: provide recipes and menu suggestions for your retail customers or excel in B2B with special service offers and technical information—all linked to the relevant product pages.

Fast and cost-efficient roll-out

Intershop’s multi-client e-commerce solution enables fast and cost-efficient roll-out in new global markets or with new branded stores without disrupting your existing operations.

The Intershop platform allows us to show different pages, with relevant content tailored to their needs. This way, a pizzeria that orders once a week sees different products, with different prices, than a restaurant owner who has 40 restaurants and orders on a daily basis.

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E-Food Customers

Best practice in digital wholesale
Galatea creates perfect customer experience for B2B and B2C.
Perfect shopping experience for B2C and B2B customers
Alko realizes user-friendly shopping website.
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Coop realizes perfect omni-channel experience.
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