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Find out everything you need to know for a successful B2B e-commerce business in the Intershop Commerce Talks - from ROI analysis to a practical checklist for your replatforming project. Together with customers and partners, we discuss best practices and provide exclusive insights into growth strategies. Controversial panels, informative webinars and crisp interviews will get you quickly to the next level when it comes to current trends, innovations and technologies.

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What is the ROI in B2B e-commerce?

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Do you need to convince your board that investing in e-commerce is mission-critical for future growth? In our webinar we will share valuable insights that will help you build a business case to unlock the full potential of your B2B business.

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The Intershop Commerce Talks are all about you! Would you like to contribute your expertise? What topic should we tackle next -or would you like a different format?
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Jana Kruemmling
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