Standard Courses

Standard Courses

Our training options include modular courses on Intershop software as well as other training and certification options.

Please use the following lists to find the training you need:

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Thomas Richter
Manager Technical Training

Users and Multiplicators from operating departments

ICM-010: General Overview (This track consists of the following course: ICM-100)

System Administrators

ICM-016: Trainings for System Administrators (This track consists of the following courses: ICM-100 & ICM-116)

Express Track

ICM-055: Express Training for Developers (This track consists of the following course: ICM-550)

Business User

ICM-020: Trainings for Business Users (This track consists of the following course: ICM-200 & ICM-200)

ICM-100: Intershop Commerce Suite – Overview

During this overview course you will be introduced to implementation of business processes and the most important concepts of Intershop Commerce Management.

ICM-116: Intershop Commerce Suite – System Administration

In this 4-day training, you will get hands-on practice installing, configuring and administering our commerce platform on top of a pre-installed Oracle database server. Furthermore operational application management is also covered as a discussion.

ICM-550: Intershop Commerce Suite – Express Training

This five days compressed training is designed to meet the requirements of web-developers as well as developers. It combines topics from both areas in a way that all relevant development topics are covered thoroughly. It is higly modularized so that interdependencies are avoided as much as possible.

ICM-200: Intershop Commerce Suite – Business User

This two-day course provides knowledge about the reference scenario of Intershop Commerce Suite. The focus is put on the usage of the application in context of predefined business cases and business scenarios. The primary target groups are business users as well as strategic users of the system. In the practical part of the course you learn how to use the application as such. With the knowledge you gained, you will be able to perform day-to-day tasks in your live application.