The United States Postal Service (USPS) is delivering to over 160 million addresses across the United States of America.
Scanning data is captured throughout mail processing and delivery, yielding robust analytics about the performance of your mail and delivery. USPS provides valuable insight, foresight and hindsight for your business through a variety of Business Intelligence tools.
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The Postal Service puts information and technology at the center of its business strategies. It’s finding ways to harness analytics and insights and information to empower employees and customers. It’s also speeding the pace of innovation, and developing mobile and digital tools to play a larger role in the daily digital lives of customers. The Postal Service is already a technology-centric organization. It uses the world’s most advanced tracking and information systems to speed the flow of mail and packages throughout its network, creating literally billions of data points every day. The Postal Service is leveraging the information derived from that robust scanning and tracking to add value to the senders and receivers of mail and packages — and to create new products and services to spur growth in the mailing industry.
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