SphereMall Personalization Platform for E-Commerce

SphereMall provides a unique and personalized shopping experience for a company's customers.

SphereMall organizes the complex IT landscape at the back of webshops fundamentally without major interventions in the existing architecture. Filters learn to do what they were ment to do; show quick, easy and personalized useful product suggestions that really are wanted by consumers. This makes a consumer happy what makes him buy and come back. SphereMall improves the customer life cycle, both in quality and quantity. This increases the brand awareness, customer satisfaction and awareness of the relevant shop. And that’s reflected in the numbers of rising sales, reviews, decreased returns and a stronger reputation.


  • Implementation personalized commerce
  • IT fundamental solution
  • Filtersolution
  • Semantics solution
  • Device independent output
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SphereMall puts shoppers at the center by offering consumers their own personalized shopping mall. Our software is the only solution in the world that makes the ever-growing online assortment more easily accessible and browsable and gives everyone access to the most personalized, convenient and effective shopping experience in the world so they order product they really love. Taking the shopper’s context into account, SphereMall offers the assortment of all leading online shops in a highly personalized and relevant shop layout. By leveraging big data and our own super smart technology we not only personalize but also surprise with new products that really fit to our shoppers preferences.

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