QBank Smart Digital Asset Management

QBank is a digital asset management solutions provider that makes the process of market communication more efficient by centrally managing digital files and information.

QBank works as a central online media hub with its integration to a all major communication channels. There are many plugins and connectors that allow editors and others direct access to company images from QBank directly through their tools.


  • On hub for all your files
  • Collaborate with your assets
  • Save time with automatic conversion
  • Integrated with all major tools
  • Open API for further integration
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QBANK Holding AB
We make our clients' work with communication more efficient. We accomplish this by automating time consuming processes and centralize the digital asset storage. This results in better and faster communication at a lower cost. QBank is a system for digital asset management. We have hundreds of clients and over half a million users worldwide who use QBank in their daily work.

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