ORBIS ConstructionONE

ORBIS ConstructionONE is the solution for construction companies and suppliers. By customizing your CRM many processes can be automated, which saves a lot of time. Overcome future challenges of the construction industry easily with ORBIS ConstructionONE!

In the construction supply industry, most information is managed using various building objects and a network of relationships consisting of clients, architects and other involved individuals. Transparency and the timely identification of potential combined with the choice of the right activities ensures a critical competitive advantage in order placement for building objects. Relationships with dealers and trade businesses must be maintained to open up existing sales potential. One major advantage of ORBIS ConstructionONE is the fast identification of planned building objects through the integration of Building Radar. The intelligent search engine has an algorithm that searches tendering portals, web sites and newspaper publications and compares the results of potential construction projects against existing properties in ORBIS ConstructionONE. Another critical factor is the integration of ORBIS DataQualityONE with duplicate detection, address enhancement with geodata and the combination of existing information. With ORBIS ConstructionONE based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we enable companies transparently to map and manage all complex information and customer relationships relating to a single building object.


  • Object-based depiction of all information for a building object
  • Depiction of relationships between properties
  • Relations between involved persons
  • Import of object data from external suppliers
  • Visit and tour planning
  • Depiction of competitors
  • Preparation and tracking of quotations
  • Business and product area management
  • Depiction of customer potential and segmentation
  • Portfolio management
  • Planning, performance management and analysis
  • Sales management through dynamic campaigns
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