Les Enjeux Innovation B2B 2023

Paris (Auditorium du LAHO Business Center)

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E-Commerce, Marketplace, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship and Experience ... The B2B Innovation Challenges are the meeting place on new trends and new models in business-to-business commerce.

10H30 / B2B Digital Transformation: The Art of Making Choices to Achieve Tangible Results

The implementation of a B2B digital transformation involves "Making clear business choices" and responding to a selection of a few essential customer needs.

  • Concretely, how to initiate the transformation of the commercial approach with measurable priorities?

  • How to align digital transformation and benefits for the company and its collective?
  • What are the B2B trends that must be included in its roadmap when choosing partners?
  • How to ensure the success of a B2B2B digital strategy by precisely identifying the key needs of its end customers?

Exchange with Alexandre Keramidas, Strategic Marketing Director, Digital, IS and Supply Chain, who will bring us vision, advice and feedback from his rich career in industry and distribution (agribusiness, machine tools, handling equipment and services, spare parts, building and construction). Interview conducted by Toufik Boudellal - Country Manager, Intershop.

Date: February, 2 2023

Location: Auditorium du LAHO Business Center, 5-9 rue Van Gogh, 75012 Paris

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Toufik Boudellal
Toufik Boudellal Country Manager France

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