Innovation through Independence

Intershop Omni-Channel Services Toolset

Staying competitive, setting new trends, defining and leading markets—these are the ever-increasing challenges in the world of digital business. To meet them successfully, companies must embrace two essential preconditions: software development needs to be fast, and the resulting applications must be readily adaptable. Enterprise software is usually conceived and developed at the central level. As such, it often struggles to meet the above requirements. The complexity of these systems not only limits the development of applications, it also has an impact on updating, performance, and usability.

Intershop's solution:
Intershop’s Omni-Channel Services Toolset (OCST) is a compelling solution that meets all these different challenges. Partners and customers benefit from a set of tools and services that not only make it significantly easier to develop tailored business apps, but also much more efficient in terms of effort. The OCST is decoupled from Intershop’s core platform and uses the Synaptic Commerce API to access data and commerce functionality.