Managing, Maintaining, and Sharing Product Information to Power Omni-Channel Commerce

Intershop Product Information Management

Omni-channel commerce is now an established part of modern retailing. Customers come into contact with companies’ products and service offerings via different touchpoints, like online and mobile stores, brick-and-mortar outlets, point-of-sale terminals, call centers, social commerce, television, traditional product catalogs, and advertising material. Conventional guided selling via a shop assistant in retail stores has to be compensated for in omni-channel commerce by meaningful and appealing product descriptions, videos, and images, so that the customer is inspired to buy the right product.

Intershop's solution:
Intershop’s Product Information Management (PIM) module enables merchants who wish to engage in omni-channel commerce to centrally manage the product and catalog data needed for different segments, regions, and commerce touchpoints.