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Intershop Training

Our E-Commerce Expertise

Well-trained and experienced employees are crucial for success in complex IT projects. Intershop Technical Training perfectly prepares your teams for the introduction and maintenance of our commerce solutions.

Our training courses are primarily aimed at technical staff. However, all introductory courses and overviews are also designed to give project managers, business consultants, and decision makers an insight into how the system works and its standard functions.

Technical training sessions can be attended at our training center or held at your site.

We offer the following training options:

  • Introduction to Intershop e-commerce solutions
  • Basic technical training on our software with extensive practical exercises
  • Customized training programs for individual employees
  • Training during customer projects (preparation and implementation phases)
  • Certification exams in Jena (Germany), locally, or remotely

Courses in Our Jena Headquarters

Please use the following lists to find the training you need:

Overview Track for Users from Operating Departments

During this overview track you will be introduced to Intershop 7 business features and capabilities. You will also get a comprehensive overview over system components and tools (This track consists of the course: ICM-100).

Training Track for System Administrators

This tracks includes topics such as software and hardware infrastructure as well as system maintenance, user access rights, tuning, performance and security issues. Installation from scratch as well as various deployment scenarios are also on the agenda (This track consists of the courses: ICM-100 & ICM-116).

Fast Track for Developers

In this all standard programming aspects are covered. Subjects like web development, java development, modelling and testing are also part of this track (This track consists of the course: ICM-550).

Training Track for Shop Managers

During this track you will be introduced to Intershop 7 business features and capabilities. You will get an overview over the entire Intershop 7 landscape. Most important, you will get in touch with the tools you’ll use on a day-to-day basis. B2C as well as B2B topics are covered (This track consists of the course: ICM-200).

ICM-100: Intershop Commerce Suite – Overview

During this overview course you will be introduced to implementation of business processes and the most important concepts of Intershop Commerce Management.

ICM-116: Intershop Commerce Suite – System Administration

In this 4-day training, you will get hands-on practice installing, configuring and administering our commerce platform on top of a pre-installed Oracle database server. Furthermore operational application management is also covered as a discussion.

ICM-550: Intershop Commerce Suite – Express Training

This five days compressed training is designed to meet the requirements of web-developers as well as developers. It combines topics from both areas in a way that all relevant development topics are covered thoroughly. It is higly modularized so that interdependencies are avoided as much as possible.

ICM-200: Intershop Commerce Suite – Business User

This two-day course provides knowledge about the reference scenario of Intershop Commerce Suite. The focus is put on the usage of the application in context of predefined business cases and business scenarios. The primary target groups are business users as well as strategic users of the system. In the practical part of the course you learn how to use the application as such. With the knowledge you gained, you will be able to perform day-to-day tasks in your live application.

Individual Training On-site and Online

In addition to standard courses, individual training at your premises or in our training centre, we continue to provide training covering previous versions of Enfinity. We are happy to advise you on creating an individual training plan. 

  • Individual on-site training
  • GAP training (Enfinity Suite 6.4 to Intershop Commerce Suite)
  • Training on previous versions of Enfinity

In addition, we offer a large selection of on-demand online training. Please visit to our Intershop Online Academy.

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You've Got What It Takes: Intershop Certification Program

Intershop Certified Professional

The Intershop Certified Professional program is our seal of approval for e-commerce professionals who work with Intershop products. The program is open to the following roles:

  • Developers:

    Professionals with a sound understanding of the Intershop architecture and the expertise to develop additional functionality for it.
  • System administrators:

    Professionals with a sound understanding of the Intershop architecture and the ability to perform a range of administrative tasks, such as maintenance, user rights management, performance tuning, and data security on the Enfinity system.
  • Web developers:

    Professionals with extensive knowledge of web page design. Web developers are responsible for the development of the website as well as general look and feel aspects.

You can take your Intershop certification exam at any Intershop location worldwide. Alternatively, we can arrange also a remote exam.

The knowledge required for the exam is largely covered by the corresponding training options. However, you do not have to attend a training course in order to take the exam.