Master the Digital Transformation with Intershop

A Wealth of Opportunities, Plenty of Action Areas

Intershop can help you digitally transform your business step-by-step and develop long-term strategies for your entire organization. Our aim is to ensure sustained profitability and the fastest possible ROI. We systematically implement wide-ranging digital projects that holistically transform your marketing, sales, and service processes. Using the innovative Intershop commerce platform and integrating your related business applications, we boost your staff efficiency and optimize interaction with customers.


Protection of your investment by securing a competitive market position and digitizing your business strategy to achieve guaranteed efficiency and profitability.

Design of your digital strategy around the customer lifecycle. We provide the optimum balance of profitability for you and value for your customers.

Rapid and measurable results thanks to pragmatic and flexible planning of action packages and transformation steps.

We analyze your digital maturity to identify critical gaps and establish a starting point for your digital project. A benchmarking tool is used to determine your relative market position.

Together, we formulate a clear vision and enterprise-wide goals for customer interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. Having documented your requirements, we then add recommendations based on our many years of experience across numerous digital projects.

Based on this final target vision, we identify and prioritize the relevant action areas. We then create a set of customer journey maps and user-oriented use cases by carefully analyzing and considering the customer lifecycle along with marketing, sales, and service processes. As part of this stage, we model a seamless customer journey and connect the relevant internal process steps.  

Intershop Commerce Suite comprises an extensive range of standardized core functions that accelerate roll-out of individual solutions. Our open-platform approach makes it easy to expand or adapt your solutions and continuously improve the quality of customer interaction.