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Digital Commerce for SMEs

Customer information, digital sales, one-on-one advice – anytime, anywhere

Digital commerce for SMEs

With Intershop Cloud Commerce, you can digitalize your sales, present products online, and optimize your order processes.

If you’re an SME, we can help you establish a digital customer portal quickly and reliably as the main point of contact for your customers. They can then access important information, including product details and personal order history, plus a wide range of self-service functions.

Boost your sales

Your new digital portal can be rolled out in just a few weeks, using a single Intershop platform to host multiple online stores for all your brands, segments, business models, and partners.

Impress your customers

Make ordering easier and boost customer loyalty with user-friendly navigation, extensive product information, intuitive ordering functions, flexible customer service, and modern checkout processes.

Optimize your processes

By integrating all processes, systems, and information (customers, products, and order histories), you can provide optimum customer service at every stage of the journey from purchase through fulfillment to service.

More power for your business

Intershop Commerce Suite empowers your company to implement digital commerce and digitalization projects quickly and easily. Across all departments your business and IT teams benefit from Intershop: Intershop for management, for sales and marketing, for e-commerce and customer service.

A complete solution for more efficiency

Our solution adapts flexibly to your specific business and distribution models as well as your international organizational structures. With our multi-store concept, you can serve multiple markets and target groups from a single source and easily implement separate product portfolios, support diverse target groups, and realize multiple internationalization and localization strategies.

Relevant offers at the right time

Reach your target audience with personalized content and relevant messaging. Plan effective campaigns and use Design View to produce new landing pages quickly and easily. Create new customer segments, promotions, personalized offers, product bundles, recommendations, and content with maximum ease—all tailored to your specific target groups.

Shopping experiences that convince

Create the perfect shopping and service experience at every stage of the customer journey and use our solution to take your digital business further. Boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction with compelling shopping environments and efficient purchase processes. Impress your customers with sophisticated self-service functions, while improving the efficiency of day-to-day tasks.

From developers for developers

With our managed micro-services architecture and RESTful Synaptic Commerce APIs, you’re ideally equipped for the next generation of digital commerce. Intershop combines the best of two worlds: comprehensive and sophisticated best-practice functionality, plus our flexible micro-services architecture and cloud-first approach. This is our guarantee for flexible development, rapid deployment, and seamless scalability even at peak loads.

New potential for your B2B sales

Intershop Commerce Suite is the ideal complement for your sales and field service organizations. Orders are aggregated from all channels in a single 360-degree profile, thereby allowing you to leverage additional sales opportunities. With support for master purchase agreements, budget and cost center management, and individual negotiations, your customers have greater freedom when designing their digital procurement processes. They also benefit from 24/7 online access to you and your sales staff.

Your customer in focus

One-on-one advice and order entry via chat, e-mail, and phone; online co-browsing; and a digital customer portal with tailored information and self-service features—Intershop Commerce Suite gives you the tools you need for the kind of efficient, personalized service that today’s customers expect. Guide your customers through your products and services, help them edit their shopping carts, and take orders by phone.