»An innovation, in its truest sense, is an idea that attracts customers; an idea that people want to buy.«

[Gassmann, Friesicke: 33 Erfolgsprinzipien der Innovation(33 Principles for Successful Innovation)]

Historically, inventors tended to work in isolation as they searched for that “Eureka” moment in a garage or ivory tower. Today, innovation is a creative and collaborative process, requiring extensive networks and fertile soil where ideas can form and grow.

For our customers

SEED provides an opportunity to evaluate concepts and turn new ideas into action. Constructive dialogue with experts and outsiders offers new perspectives for your business.

For our partners

SEED lets you combine your products and services with other solutions and find the collaboration partners you need.

For start-ups

SEED provides the perfect platform to showcase ideas and gain direct feedback from customers and partners. It also simplifies the “chicken and egg” problem of having few or no reference projects.

Become a SEED partner

As a SEED partner, you will receive the world’s leading technology for omni-channel commerce, technical support, and coaching, plus access to the entire Intershop network. You will also have direct, personal contact with every one of our product and service departments. For Intershop, the SEED program is all about sustainable collaboration, inspirational creativity, and a vibrant forum for sharing ideas.


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