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Intershop Commerce Suite | July 2017

2017-07-20 The Intershop team is happy to announce the official release of Intershop Commerce Management 7.9 and Intershop Order Management 2.2. Both versions are bursting with new functions and improvements for users and developers, ranging from new B2B features and new tools for developers to comprehensive performance improvements.

Intershop Commerce Suite Release Information

Release components:

  • Intershop Commerce Management 7.9
  • Intershop Order Management 2.2

Release highlights:

  • New Promotion Management Features
  • New and Improved Web Content Management Components
  • New B2B Category Page and Product Detail View
  • More Customized Category Pages with Rich Content and Images
  • New Handler Chain Framework
  • Modernized Order Creation Process

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Previous releases:

2016-12-12: Intershop Commerce Suite | Dec 2016

Intershop Commerce Suite | Dec 2016

Get there faster – or work more efficiently?

2016-12-12– The December release of the Intershop Commerce Suite, our latest, focuses on streamlined workflows and a more efficient user interface.

Intershop Order Management

Release components:

  • Intershop Commerce Management 7.8
  • Intershop Order Management 2.1

Release highlights:

  • Content managers benefit from better organized content in the CMS.
  • Expanded SEO functions allow marketers to design their marketing campaigns more effectively.
  • B2B buyers can link their e-procurement systems even more flexibly to the Commerce Suite, and standing orders make recurring purchases easier.
  • Customer service staff can respond faster and better to customer complaints.
  • The new Microservice architecture and simplified cloud deployments for development and testing systems take developers more quickly to their goal.

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2016-06-28: Intershop Commerce Suite | June 2016

Intershop Commerce Suite | June 2016

Master the digital transformation of business processes

2016-06-28 – This new release brings a wide range of new functions to the Intershop Commerce Suite, providing comprehensive support for all kinds of organizations as they digitally transform their business processes. They can choose from a range of modules to suit their specific business model, user requirements, and corporate objectives. With Intershop Synaptic Commerce enabling easy integration into diverse system landscapes, the Intershop Commerce Suite offers a significant reduction in both the risk and expense of rolling out a new solution.

Intershop Order Management

Release components:

Release highlights:

  • More efficient design of the shopping experience
  • New features and APIs for B2B commerce
  • Integrated omni-channel commerce strategy with Intershop Order Management 2.0
  • Intershop Commerce Suite in the Microsoft and Amazon public clouds

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2016-03-03: Omni-Channel Services Toolset 1.1

Omni-Channel Services Toolset 1.1

Enabling free development of innovative ideas and new business processes

The Omni-Channel Services Toolset (OCST) as part of the Intershop Commerce Suite allows a standardized development of platform independent business apps. Using Intershop’s OCTS companies can roll out customized business processes across all departments, thus offering customer-friendly services swiftly across all touchpoints.

The new release 1.1 of the Omni-Channel Services Toolset (OCST) comes with a contact center demo application which serves as a blueprint for developing individual service applications. The OCST 1.1 is compatible with both, Intershop Commerce Management 7.6 B2C and B2X edition.

Fuzzy product search for parts of product names or SKUs:
The contact center agents can add articles by SKU to the basket in the quick order. Now they can additionally search for parts of product names or SKUs. The right article can be added to the cart from the search result.

B2B specific customer search and presentation of company information in search results:
The B2B specific customer search is now available. After selecting a B2B customer from the search result, contact center agents can also view details, such as the taxation identification number.

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2015-11-26: Intershop Commerce Management 7.6

Intershop Commerce Management 7.6

Highly integrated B2B functionality

Intershop has strengthened its B2B portfolio with the release of version 7.6 which features highly integrated new B2B functionality. Depending on their business models, customers can now select either the B2C edition or the B2X edition which contains additional B2B features.


  • Advanced contract-, cost center- and budget management with integrated order approval
  • Standard Payment API
  • Responsive Blue Print Store
  • Openstack support
  • Real end-to-end delivery via public Nexus Server

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2015-02-12: Intershop 7.5.1

Intershop 7.5.1

Patch release and new modules

Patch 7.5.1 adds two new modules to Intershop 7.5, making it even easier for companies to develop their own unique system landscapes. For shoppers, the benefits include enhanced customer service and a more engaging experience at every stage of the customer journey.

Omni-Channel Services Toolset (OCST) for Independent Innovation
The Omni-Channel Services Toolset (OCST) provides Intershop partners and customers with the tools and services they need to create custom apps for specific usage scenarios within their business.
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Intershop Commerce Pro for Adobe 2.0 – Two Leading Platforms Combined
By integrating Adobe Experience Manager with the Intershop commerce platform, we’ve combined two powerful systems that share one key goal: creating the optimum customer experience. Intershop Commerce Pro for Adobe blends commerce and content to enable rich and appealing shopping environments.
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2014-09-29: Intershop 7.5

Intershop 7.5

Specifically designed around user-friendliness and agility

State-of-the-art technology, maximum agility, and even greater user-friendliness create a powerful commerce platform.

More efficient control of commerce processes thanks to new look and feel, optimized workflows, and integrated data analysis

Intershop 7.5 brings an updated layout and improved usability to the Intershop commerce platform. Our new corporate design adds a light and dynamic touch to all applications and creates a smoother user experience. Thanks to the intuitive dashboards and easy-to-configure widgets, commerce managers now have all the key business metrics at their fingertips. Intershop’s powerful analysis tool with end-to-end capabilities, Commerce Insight, supplies real-time data for deep-dive analysis. The new promotion import tool supports personalized marketing, while the product completeness check ensures optimum product data quality.

Market-oriented development and high-efficiency rollout through continuous integration and an improved platform environment

With Intershop 7.5, it’s now for all partners and customers significantly easier to implement and manage the platform. The standard Gradle-based build-and-deploy process enables easier project setup and platform customization, reduces migration effort and project risk, and shortens time-to-market. Vendors can now respond faster than ever to emerging trends and market demands while continuously developing their platform.

Partners and developers also benefit from the improved development environment and standardized framework for configurable objects. Configuration parameters for external systems, payment services, content components, dashboards, etc., can all be defined and managed in a single framework. Ease-of-use and scalability have also been improved, while development workloads have been reduced.

Intershop 7.5 supports Amazon Web Services. Additionally to Intershop’s own hosting models, customers and partners without IT infrastructure now benefit from another powerful Enterprise Cloud Solution.

A customized system landscape and seamless customer experience with Intershop’s Synaptic Commerce API

Intershop’s Synaptic Commerce API reduces development effort and uses well-defined interfaces to enable easier integration of commerce platforms, third-party systems, and service providers. Using flexible RESTful APIs, you can manage the transfer of data and functionality and add new touchpoints to your commerce solution.

With the customer segmentation service API in Intershop 7.5, it’s now easier to create personalized communications with customers. The interface provides direct access to customer segments in CRM systems as well as targeting and personalization tools. Benefits include customized communications across customer segments that are generated dynamically in an external system as well as the assignment of these segments to specific business objects on the commerce platform, e.g., promotions, campaigns, price lists, A/B tests, and catalog views.

Intershop’s commerce technology has been expanded in version 7.5 with the addition of two new modules that communicate with the core platform via RESTful APIs. The new omni-channel services framework with first features for the contact center use case is a JavaScript web application based on open standards and frameworks. It’s also a prime example of Intershop’s focus on state-of-the-art technologies. Two world-class technologies can also be found in the integration of Adobe Experience Manager with Intershop’s commerce suite. Thanks to this partnership with Adobe, customers can now enjoy a perfect shopping experience and seamless customer journey.

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