Release Notes and Documentation

Release Changelog

Our products are improving continuously. Every new release provides enhancements, fixes or new features. On this page we provide an overview of recent changes of the Intershop Commerce Management, Intershop PWA and Intershop Order Management. For more detailed information about all Intershop products, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Release 7.10.5

Customer Specific Assortments
"Available via REST API" flag for Attribute Groups
Major Release 7.0.0 of the Responsive Starter Store
Enhanced REST API
Intershop PWA Release 0.8.0
Development Tools | AdoptOpenJDK 8
CAPTCHA available for the "Contact us" page


Release 7.10.3

Product Information Management
Microsoft Azure SQL Database | Support for Managed Instance
Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Inventory Connector enhancements

Release 7.10

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Support
Initial PWA Release 0.7.0

Release 0.11

Next to the schematic for CMS rendering components and ng-mocks for mocking components in tests, we implemented the checkout for an unregistered user. Furthermore users are remembered over page refreshes and are able to set preferred addresses on account addresses page.


Release 0.10

Order and Quote Widgets for the My Account Dashboard are realized. And we enhanced the Content Management - now several CMS components are supported within the storefront (e.g. Carousel, Container, Enhanced Image Teaser, Freestyle HTML, Video, ...).

Release 0.9

In this release we provide a whole series of updates and enhancements like tracking of page visits via Google Analytics, multi-site handling, business customer (B2B) registration, REST API additions and more.

Release 0.8

Release 0.8 comes with an update to node.js 10 LTS and npm 6.4.1, an Angular 7 upgrade and enhancements for Checkout and My Account.

Release 2.11

Enhancements of the User Interface OMT
Enhancements in setup and operations
Enhancements to the IOM REST Communication API
Ease Access to Properties of Orders, Dispatches, and More in Mail Templates


Release 2.9.1 - 2.9.4

Improved Stability of Helath Check for High Load
RMA Search Extensions
REST API for RMA acceptance/rejection
Configuration of aggregated invoices for B2B-customers
Enhanced REST Interface for return messages
Improved health check

Release 2.9

GDPR Compliance
Enhanced Business Features
Interface Enhancements
Several smaller improvements