All in one: The digital customer portal as a B2B contact hub

A digital customer portal provides B2B customers with 24/7 access to marketing, sales, and service offerings. In our whitepaper "Customer and Employee Interaction in the Focus of Digitalisation", we have tackled the topic of improving and intensifying customer interaction in B2B through digital client portals, such as mobile apps for employees and customers.

A digital customer portal for B2B customers is more than just an online marketing tool—it covers the entire B2B customer lifecycle.

The typical customer portal incorporates all the web-based applications and processes used to interact with customers. In addition to product information and editorial content, it includes all communication channels between customer and provider. The customer portal also acts as a central hub for collaborative ordering, repeat orders, and services.

  • Information and content

    24/7 access to comprehensive product information and editorial content as well as account and order details.

  • Collaborative ordering

    B2B customers can manage and coordinate complex procurement processes involving multiple approvers, budgets, and cost centers.

  • Re-order

    Comfort function like order-form, direct ordering via product ID or upload of CSV-Data as subscriptions make the procurement easier.

  • Repeat orders

    Easier procurement thanks to convenient features, such as order templates, direct ordering via product ID or CSV upload, and subscription services.

  • Services

    Additional digital services improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship, e.g., integration of digital machine management.

Informed and inspired: provide relevant content and boost your standing with B2B customers

Create the perfect platform for your products and services with comprehensive information on all your offerings. Customers can use your digital portal at any time to view account details, order history, and current order status. Budgets, payment deadlines, and even installed systems are all stored in the system. Use editorial content to engage with your customers and let them contact you immediately via feedback forms, chat, and click-to-call.

Better sales support: link customers with your sales function through a digital portal to increase efficiency and revenue

Providing a self-service portal for your customers relieves your sales staff of routine tasks, such as managing customer details, creating orders, and negotiating new offers. Order processing and billing are almost entirely automated within the system. As a result, your sales staff is free to focus on strategic customers with high order volumes and complex requirements. Office staff can increase revenues by leveraging customer histories to offer additional products and services. When advising customers, your field staff can use a mobile app to access the portal and get all the information they need.

Post-sale is pre-sale: use integrated digital after-sales services to improve the customer experience

A digital customer portal also includes traditional after-sales services, such as repairs, maintenance, and customer care. Create a positive and lasting impression on your customers through additional digital offerings, such as digital machine management or preventive maintenance solutions. Use predictive service and faster fault resolution to create even greater value for your customers.

Resources customer portal for B2B customers

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“Our customer portal—including web shop—has simplified and improved our interaction with business customers. By integrating these customers into our processes, we have totally reoriented our marketing, sales, and service. As a result, we’ve improved both the relevance of our product recommendations and the quality of our services. In marketing, we’re now able to attract new prospects earlier and target specific needs. In sales, we can provide special offers and conduct negotiations 24/7 online. And when it comes to service, we can offer parts and services in a much more proactive way.”

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