Web Content Management Exciting Content and a Consistent Brand Experience Across All Channels

Consistent brand presentation through integration of content and commerce management

Lower development costs thanks to predefined components and centralized content management

Increased revenue through customer focus with comprehensive preview and test capabilities


Online or offline, consumers expect a perfect brand experience. Whether you are a manufacturer or a vendor, you need a consistent presentation that offers high-quality information plus an emotionally engaging experience.


The web content management (WCM) function in the Intershop Commerce Suite is a powerful tool for designing, managing, and publishing content. Create exciting environments that will inspire your customers and set you apart from your competitors.


  • Storefront design using predefined extensible templates and diverse layout options
  • Predefined placeholders for search functions, navigation modules, “specials” carousel, banner ads, and product recommendations
  • Design View with preview functions for user groups, timeframes, and devices
  • Management and delivery of content for specific touchpoints
  • Fast editing of live page content
  • Simple content model with marketing placeholders
  • Convenient drag-&-drop editing
  • Fast changes to storefront design via branding packages
  • A/B testing for pages and components
  • Easy linking of content and marketing activities
  • Create landing pages for promotions, categories, and products
  • Tracking changes

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Experience Management

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

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Exciting Content and a Consistent Brand Experience Across All Channels

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