Shipping Rules-Based Design of Complex Shipping Methods and Logistics Processes

Easy configuration of complex shipping methods

Ability to modify shipping methods during live operation

Rules-based support for multi-channel scenarios


The range of shipping methods available to online customers depends on a number of factors. Options and pricing can vary greatly according to the nature of the shipment, the availability of the product, the terms and conditions of the logistics provider, and international shipping restrictions.


The Intershop Commerce Suite enables rules-based configuration of shipping methods to give you maximum freedom when designing your logistics processes. Every conceivable permutation is supported—from standard domestic shipments to complex scenarios, such as weight-based shipping of items from selected product lines to specific countries or regions.


  • Multiple shipping addresses per shopping cart
  • Shipping costs specific to each shipping method
  • Touchpoint-specific, rules-based shipping configuration
  • Calculation of product delivery time for each shipping method
  • Rules-based shipping surcharges and fees
  • Shipping cost calculation based on volume weight, shipment class, and destination
  • Exclusion of destinations for selected products
  • Export and import of shipping configurations
  • Requested delivery date
  • In-store delivery and pick-up
  • Delivery note comment function
  • Shipping instructions for carriers

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Transaction Management

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Intershop Commerce Management B2X

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Rules-Based Design of Complex Shipping Methods and Logistics Processes

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