Search & Navigation Guide Your Customers to Products and Content

Fewer abandoned carts and higher conversion rates thanks to precision search in extensive product catalogs

Greater customer satisfaction due to increased likelihood of successful searches

Simplified management with full integration of Solr search in the commerce management back office


Most online shoppers prefer to use the search function to find what they need. An effective search tool is one that locates all the relevant products, presents useful and sortable results, and compensates for incorrect search entries. If a search engine fails to meet these requirements, many shoppers will simply give up.


With the intuitive search and navigation tools in the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can help your customers find exactly what they want, quickly and easily. The tools are designed for both the product-specific, targeted search behavior of business customers as well as the less focused, more exploratory habits of retail customers. You also have the freedom to reconfigure your search and navigation functions at any time.


  • Fully integrated Solr search, optimized for high search volumes
  • Autocomplete: search suggests keywords while user is still typing
  • Faceted search: allows users to refine search results using attributes and user-definable filters
  • Fuzzy search: autocorrects misspelled and phonetically similar words
  • Control of search results through weighting of product attributes
  • Bidirectional synonym linking
  • Import of synonym lists
  • Searchandizing: guide users to selected product or content pages via redirect settings
  • Display top-selling and new products
  • Adaptive navigation based on user device (responsive web design)

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Experience Management

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