Promotion Engine Boost Your Sales with Our Revolutionary Tool for Easy-to-Create Campaigns and Promotions

More revenue and greater customer loyalty through tailored, personalized offers

Quick and easy campaign management directly from the content management system

Optimum use of marketing budgets thanks to seamless cost management and useful automation


Consumers love to see attractive offers—while vendors love to increase sales. To make the most of your marketing budget, you have to respond quickly and efficiently to new opportunities and personalize your communications with customers.


With the Promotion Engine that forms part of the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can design custom promotions and campaigns and create personalized offers for each customer.


  • Customized campaigns for selected target groups
  • Rules-based, situation-specific, and combinable promotions
  • Time-based activation and multiple promotion triggers
  • Generation of coupon codes
  • Dynamic up-selling
  • Workflow-based campaign management and content creation
  • Cost management through definition of marketing budgets

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Perfect Offers for Your Customers The ability to create specially customized campaigns and promotions gives you virtually unlimited possibilities to surprise and delight your customers, to tempt them into your store, convince them of your proposition, and turn them into loyal customers. Options include:

  • Promotions linked to orders, selected products, or shipping methods
  • Special prices or fixed low shipping costs
  • Percentage-based or fixed discounts on individual products or total orders, on shipping, or specific shipping methods
  • Gifts and free offers

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Experience Management

Part of these products:
Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Web Content Management

Exciting Content and a Consistent Brand Experience Across All Channels

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Media Asset Management

Create the Perfect Product Presentation with Diverse Media Assets

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Search & Navigation

Guide Your Customers to Products and Content

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Campaign Management

The Right Message at the Right Time for the Right Target Audience

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Promotion Engine

Boost Your Sales with Our Revolutionary Tool for Easy-to-Create Campaigns and Promotions

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Online Marketing

Attract New Customers through Better Visibility in Search Engines and Product Portals

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Content Validation

Publish High-Quality Content—Anytime, Anywhere

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