Product Pricing & Taxation Achieve Optimum Market Prices with Differentiated Pricing Strategies

Professional tool for ensuring optimum pricing in domestic and international markets

Custom pricing for business and retail customers using tailored prices and price lists

Powerful preview function for individual and group pricing via Design View


Pricing and price updates have an important role to play in online commerce, given how easy it is to compare prices. By using differentiated pricing strategies for individual product lines and customer groups, you can set yourself apart in the marketplace.


The Intershop Commerce Suite offers a wide range of tools with which to create simple and complex pricing strategies for both new and existing customers. You can preschedule prices and their periods of validity and then preview them in context, e.g., as part of a future marketing campaign.


  • List prices
  • Cost prices and sales price calculation
  • Pricing scales
  • Price lists
  • Customer-specific prices and price lists
  • Segment-specific prices and price lists
  • Absolute and percentage discounts
  • Time-controlled prices
  • Import and export of prices and price lists
  • International currencies
  • Country-specific tax classes
  • Gross and net prices
  • Configurable gross/net display

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