Product Data Management Manage Product Data Independently of Media and Distribute Efficiently to Touchpoints

Maximum efficiency thanks to centralized management of product data from multiple sources

Optimum leverage of data through distribution to any channel or touchpoint

Consistent data quality at every stage in the commerce process and in wider IT environments


Most consumers now do a great deal of research before they decide on a product. Providing high-quality information is therefore an effective way of boosting customer confidence. The only problem is the effort required to manage different forms of product data from a range of different sources.


The Intershop Commerce Suite features a sophisticated product data management capability that enables easy integration, centralized maintenance, and flexible distribution of product information across all available channels and touchpoints.


Product Types Product data management supports numerous product types, such as product variations, bundles, and retail sets.

Product Relationships Product relationships can be created using a range of link types, e.g., cross- and up-selling products, alternative products in the event of non-availability, accessories, spare parts, successor versions, gift packaging, warranties, etc.

Product Syndication Working from your main catalog, you can create dedicated product records for foreign and local subsidiaries or specific customer groups. This segment-specific data can be modified, localized, and enriched as required.

Product Sharing Sales organizations, partners, and suppliers can share your extensive product catalogs across multiple channels with a click of the mouse. Any changes to your master catalog are immediately relayed to the client channels and touchpoints.

Product Information Exchange Thanks to standardized protocols, you can be sure that all information from external data sources is properly incorporated into your main catalog. There are six different import models for CSV and XML data, all of which can be automated if required.

Other Features:

  • Management of product master data with user-definable and fully localizable attributes
  • Custom catalog structures with unlimited category levels
  • Rule-based assignment of products to categories
  • Separate SKUs, prices, and attributes for product variants
  • Integration of inventory data to show availability
  • Batch processing of product attributes, category assignments, and links
  • Up to 13 different product status options for replicating complex business processes
  • Workflows for cross-departmental cooperation
  • Audit functions and approval processes to ensure optimum data quality
  • Separation of master and client systems when editing product and catalog data, with no maintenance downtime
  • Seamless integration of enterprise PIM systems

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Product Information

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

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