Platform Core A Solid Foundation for Growth in Digital Commerce

Fast time-to-market thanks to proven platform technology

Stable and scalable in support of every growth target

Freedom to develop new functionality that differentiates you from competitors


Ambitious growth strategies in digital commerce depend on high scalability, exceptional performance, and the option of agile development.


On the one hand, Intershop offers ready-to-use products with maximum operational reliability. On the other, we have equipped the Intershop Commerce Suite with a platform architecture that fully supports the development of dynamic commerce environments. The platform core has built-in support for a number of common tasks, such as template creation, authentication and authorization, internationalization, dependency injection, caching, security, etc.—enabling easy customization and expansion.


  • Based on clear and established software architecture principles
  • Leverages the latest software development methods, such as dependency injection and test-driven development
  • Component-based structure to support agile development in multiple teams
  • Interfaces and tools that enable rapid customization and expansion
  • Flexible roles-and-rights model for easy definition of organizational and team structures based on customer requirements
  • Strict adherence to the domain-driven design (DDD) model
  • Popular open-source frameworks already integrated
  • Support for a wide range of UI technologies

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Operational Excellence

Part of these products:
Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Platform Core

A Solid Foundation for Growth in Digital Commerce

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High Security Architecture

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Performance & Scaling Infrastructure

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High Availability & Clustering

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Advanced Replication

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Continuous Delivery

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Intershop Studio

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