Performance & Scaling Infrastructure Serve Demanding Customers without Delay

More customer satisfaction and fewer abandoned carts thanks to ultra-fast response times

Exploit full revenue potential during seasonal peak times

Low-cost operation of platform thanks to minimal hardware requirements


Fast response times are an essential element in the ideal shopping experience. Lengthy load times or, worse still, unavailable pages can drive even loyal customers to your competitors—who are only a few clicks away.


The Intershop Commerce Suite is designed for maximum scalability and performance. Even during seasonal peaks, e.g., Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can serve your customers with maximum speed and reliability. Our sophisticated caching mechanism, which works across all layers, ensures minimal hardware requirements and low operating costs.


  • Three-tier architecture (web tier, application tier, data tier)
  • Separate scaling of each architectural level
  • Caching on all architecture levels
  • Intelligent load balancing: dynamic distribution of requests based on application server load
  • Linear horizontal scaling: add any number of web and application servers

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Operational Excellence

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Platform Core

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Performance & Scaling Infrastructure

Serve Demanding Customers without Delay

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High Availability & Clustering

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Advanced Replication

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Continuous Delivery

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Develop and Operate Commerce Platforms without the Infrastructure Costs

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Intershop Studio

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