Payment Offer the Payment Methods Your Customers Prefer

Faster roll-out of projects thanks to wide range of pre-integrated payment methods

Efficient management of payment methods in a single configuration tool

Future-proof architecture enables easy adaptation to new market demands


The payment services market is highly dynamic, with new providers emerging all the time. Online vendors capable of accommodating new providers and options have an obvious competitive edge. Offering the payment methods that customers want to use has been proven to increase conversion rates and boost online revenue.


The Intershop Commerce Suite comes as standard with a wide range of ready-to-use payment methods. These are managed via a single configuration tool and can be offered on any and all touchpoints. In addition, new payment methods can be integrated quickly and inexpensively using a standardized interface.


  • All popular payment methods available “out of the box”
  • Plug-in concept for new payment service providers
  • Demo connector as project template for integrating new payment methods
  • Centralized configuration
  • Currency-specific payment methods
  • Touchpoint-specific management of payment methods
  • Configurable payment surcharges and order value limits

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Transaction Management

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Cart & Checkout

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Offer the Payment Methods Your Customers Prefer

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Order Orchestration

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Order Routing and Fulfillment

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Invoice-to-Cash Management

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Return Management

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