Order Routing and Fulfillment Fulfill Orders Efficiently via Distributed Warehouse Locations

Lower costs through processing of orders via distributed locations

Greater customer satisfaction thanks to shorter delivery times and better customer service

Flexible response to changing buyer behavior in omni-channel commerce


As buyer behavior changes in the omni-channel world, order and shipping processes are becoming increasingly complex. What vendors now require is the flexibility to route orders to the most appropriate warehouses—including those operated by an external partner.


With the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can automate and optimize your order fulfillment process across multiple, distributed sites. You can also incorporate local retail outlets into your fulfillment strategy with ship-from-store and in-store pick-up options. Centralized management of order routing and fulfillment processes ensures maximum transparency and cost-efficiency. Each order is routed to the most appropriate warehouse based on a range of criteria, including cost, inventory, and geographical location. This not only increases shipping quotas, it also brings down costs.


  • Multi-client order routing and fulfillment processes
  • Order processing via distributed warehouses
  • Partial shipment and cancellation of individual order items
  • Omni-channel fulfillment processes (in-store pick-up, ship-from-store, ship-to-store)
  • Detailed, order-specific transaction history
  • API for order status messages
  • API for integration of POS, ERP, WMS, 3PL, and drop-shipment systems

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Transaction Management

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