Omni-Channel Order Capture Accept and Process Orders from Diverse Channels in a Customer-Friendly Way

Consistent shopping experience thanks to centralized receipt and processing of all orders

Comprehensive overview of all order processes for sales and service staff

Easier integration and processing of data from all available channels


From the customer’s point of view, the boundaries between channels are becoming increasingly blurred. Shoppers expect to be able to place and manage their orders via a wide range of channels as part of a consistent shopping experience.


With the Intershop Commerce Suite, you can receive and process orders from any number of channels, including online stores, mobile devices, call centers, online marketplaces, kiosk applications, and offline stores. Your customer is free to choose how, when, and where they place an order. Thanks to channel-specific order entry processes, you can respond quickly and flexibly to the unique requirements of each channel. All orders are then merged in a central system that lets you monitor the purchase behavior of individual customers and manage their order history.


  • Order management as fully integrated part of commerce management process
  • Order intake from any sales channel
  • API for integration of external channels (e.g., marketplaces, online stores, POS terminals, and e-procurement systems)
  • API for integration of mobile apps as well as in-store kiosk and CMS systems
  • Flexible checkout processes for online stores and mobile commerce
  • Customer service agents can add or change items in a shopping cart
  • Accept orders by phone
  • Channel-specific order validation processes
  • Optimized for high order volumes

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Omni-Channel Management

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