Invoice-to-Cash Management Coordinate Payment Processes Efficiently

Full transparency into all payment and billing information

Greater efficiency thanks to fully or partially automated processes

Seamless integration of payment providers and ERP systems


Achieving maximum transparency in payment processes requires seamless integration of multiple systems. A whole range of procedures need to be bundled together—from billing and payment to management of accounts receivable. It is also critical to reduce the number of manual processes and provide full access to all relevant information for customers, call center staff, and sales representatives across the various contact points.


The modular invoice-to-cash functionality in the Intershop order management system enables efficient coordination of all your payment processes. Harmonized with your order processing, you can define individual approval and payment processes that run fully or partially automatically in conjunction with payment providers and ERP systems. Since all information is aggregated centrally, you have full transparency into the payment status of any order.


  • Customer service back office with detailed payment and billing information
  • Separate processes for each payment method
  • Fully and partially automated payment and credit processes
  • Sequential and parallel approval processes
  • Creation of audit-proof customer invoices and credit notes
  • Download or forwarding of invoices and credit notes via API or e-mail
  • Detailed history of all payment transactions
  • Payment hub API for executing payments from an ERP system
  • API for integration of payment providers
  • API for integration of ERP and accounts receivable systems
  • API for integration of external approval and risk management systems

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