Internationalization & Localization Open Up New Markets Worldwide

New opportunities for growth by expanding the target market

Short time-to-market and rapid roll-out of international stores

Stronger customer loyalty thanks to localized content and services


International business relationships can be highly complex. They present unique challenges for your commerce platform and demand flexible options for adapting to local or channel-specific conditions. In addition to differences in currency and tax regimes, it is important to consider the unique characteristics of the respective market, including buyer behavior and expectations.


The Intershop Commerce Suite allows you to create and operate stores for international markets without the need for additional IT resources. Languages, currencies, tax systems, and time zones can all be managed individually for regional channels. You can also adapt your content management to suit local norms. In addition, the Synaptic Commerce API enables you to connect quickly and easily with third-party systems and services that are specific to each local market.


  • Extensive localization functionality for fast global roll-out
  • Support for multiple languages, currencies, tax systems, and time zones
  • Country-specific content management
  • Easily expandable localization

Modules overview:

Area of application:

Organization Management

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Intershop Commerce Management B2C
Intershop Commerce Management B2X

Organization Modelling

Model and Adapt Organizational Structures with Precision and Flexibility

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Internationalization & Localization

Open Up New Markets Worldwide

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Approval Management

Control and Monitor Sensitive Business Processes

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User & Account Management

Control Access to Organizational Structures, Channels, and Applications

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