End-to-End Monitoring Ensure System Availability through Automated Monitoring

Prevent downtime and loss of revenue

Prevent incomplete content and functionality

Customized monitoring for extended system environments


Online shoppers expect full access to your online store at all times. If your offering is unavailable for any reason, they will simply shop elsewhere.


The end-to-end monitoring function in the Intershop Commerce Suite provides automated checking of availability, load time, and completeness of all content and system components that play a role in the shopping process. The result: your doors are always open for your customers.


  • Test and analysis infrastructure for customized monitoring
  • Load-time analysis
  • Availability checks
  • Regional monitoring
  • Monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs) for third-party systems
  • Maximum data security

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Analytics & Reporting

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End-to-End Monitoring

Ensure System Availability through Automated Monitoring

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